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Our Team

Mike Fleysher


Senior manager with expertise in Technology, Project Management and Business Process Engineering (BPE) for financial institutions. Worked with JP Morgan Chase, Royal Bank of Canada, Goldman Sachs, NY and American stock Exchanges among other companies.

Product Definition and company Strategic Directions

David Otman


Extensive experience with number of leading financial institutions including product development, program management and client relations. Responsible for implementing company strategies and operations, risk management and future objectives. Worked with AIG, Royal Bank of Canada, Goldman Sachs among other companies.

Leading Company Development

Daniel Fleysher


Financial business analyst, leading multiple investment clubs where he nurture young investors to be. Worked with Goldman Sachs.

Research and Development

Ilya Lyubarsky


Delivered many technology solutions for the financial services industry. Over twenty years of experience in enterprise architecture, software design and development. Comprehensive knowledge of capital markets with professional background in Equities. Expertise developing Electronic Trading systems. Encompassing all phases of the software development life cycle. Worked with Credit Suisse.

Heading Technology